Haywards Heath rugby club 60

Haywards Heath Rugby FC is 60 years old this year and I have designed an anniversary logo for them which will be used in various communications throughout the year. It will sit together with the club's crest.

I'm continuing to design match programmes and other material for the club which is having another successful season so far – after last season's promotion to London 2 South East.


New online shop for apparel, home and accessories

Kobolt has opened an online Artist Shop at threadless. It contains my own eclectic designs applied to t-shirts and other clothing, home goods and accessories.

I'm not an illustrator with a personal style and a single theme. In fact I'm not an illustrator at all.

I am, however, a graphic designer constantly on the lookout for new ideas. Most of them just pop out of the blue! They end up being fairly diverse and sometimes a little "far out" and I am trying to fit each idea into it's own design rather than attempting a "one style fits all".

My observations and the resulting artwork range from the slightly bizarre to the whimsical and quirky – and occasionally on the darker side of cheerful. 

It is very early days, so visit the shop regularly to see more designs being uploaded as and when they are ready. The shopfront and product shots will be upgraded in time.

Go to: https://kobolt.threadless.com

FREE SHIPPING from now and until 15 December 2017 - terms and conditions apply.

Here are some mockup product images:

Case study: Taking Part

Harry Sherrard, principal of Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors, has been an avid car racing enthusiast for more than 30 years. He has competed at Silverstone against Ayrton Senna (and leading!), Goodwood Revival, across the Sahara desert and many other circuits. To celebrate his 33 years in motorsport he has written a book about it all.

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