Case study: Taking Part

Harry Sherrard, principal of Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors, has been an avid car racing enthusiast for more than 30 years. He has competed at Silverstone against Ayrton Senna (and leading!), Goodwood Revival, across the Sahara desert and many other circuits. To celebrate his 33 years in motorsport he has written a book about it all. 

As an existing design supplier to the law firm, I was asked to design and produce the book for him. It was a process which went over a few months starting with meetings and design visuals which were quickly approved. Harry sourced photographs and other material from own archives, photographers and image libraries and we started working on laying out the book.

The process was fluid with more chapters added on and others amended. It was essential to have a flexible approach to the layout process and a design template that could easily accommodate changes like shuffling of chapters and content being added or deleted.

All photographs and other images were optimised or retouched by myself. I also sourced print quotes and managed the production process. The finished book was delivered on time to Harry's great satisfaction, and it has been very well received since.

It was a demanding job but incredibly rewarding and one of the most fun projects I have ever worked on.