Logos fit for purpose


The Body Mind Coach is run by Samantha Hardingham, a personal trainer and motivator and nutritional expert.

Samantha has empowered hundreds of busy women to love the body they live in and gain the body confidence they deserve. The goal is to get women over 35 to realise it is not just about losing weight which is just a symptom of a whole load of other things. Samantha will help women to find the real them, to move them forward in life and change their perception of health and how they’ve been living that life has affected their health.

Samantha says: "Johan captured the essence of The Body Mind Coach perfectly, was super efficient and a pleasure to work with."


The Better Body Guru is run by Ashley Green, a personal trainer with a professional dancing background. 

Their aim is to help men and women over 30 who want to transform their lives for the better. People who need help with their overall health and fitness in every aspect – food, exercise, mindset and motivation. Who are committed to improving their food and exercise routines but can’t always find time to get to the gym and don’t have the support.


For each project the brief is first discussed and written down, then the thinking cap comes on.

The initial process is to get as many ideas down on paper as possible. Both in relevant key words as well as visual elements and I try and come up with concepts relating closely to the brief and the business. Some filtering then takes place and the ideas that grabs me the most gets some further development. 

Work now starts on the computer with selecting a long-list of fonts and drafting vector files of the ideas. All along this process new ideas may or may not crop up. The visuals are worked up to a stage that will give a clear representation of the ideas. To the untrained eye some visuals may even look finished – but they are not. At this stage colours are either lacking (greyscale) or generic for the sake of contrasts and closer details are not there and letters in type are not kerned properly yet.

The client views the visuals as PDF files and gives his or her opinion. One or two concepts are chosen for further development based on detailed input. We start to look at colours and choice of font. There may be a few rounds back and forth tweaking details and then – hopefully to everyone's satisfaction – a logo is created, fit for purpose.