15 years of GBRf News magazine

It just occurred to me that I have designed and laid out the internal magazine for GB Railfreight for 15 years and counting (work on next issue starting soon). During that period GB Railfreight, a leading rail freight operator in the UK, has gone from independent to First Group to Europorte Group to currently Hector Rail. And during that time the 12 page magazine has gone through a number of re-designs too, to reflect the branding of the company.

Although ownerships have changed, the team in charge at GB Railfreight has mainly remained the same, and the policy has always been to keep an informal style, with the employees being at the centre stage. GBRf News presents news, features, events and portraits of staff in a fun and jovial way. The company’s charitable ethos and the employees’ considerable efforts and contributions have a prominent space in the magazine.

In these days of digital media it is still important for the management that the magazine is printed and distributed to staff as it is a very popular publication.

Below is a gallery of GBRf News front covers from each year since 2004.
Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions in a slideshow.